CAC, Nyíregyháza

On 28th of May 2017, we visited the CAC on Nyíregyháza. Results: Aba-Amádé Gyömbér (open) "very good", Nyíri Pajkos Bella (baby) "promising". The judge was Nagy István (HU).

CAC, Nyíregyháza

We participated in a CAC-exhibition on 19th June, 2016 in Nyíregyháza. Our dogs received the following classifications: Erdőgyöngye Vadász Cetli (Young Devision) "very good", Becsali-Beszélgetős Tempó "excellent 2", Fenyőligeti Gyöngyös Gyémánt (Puppy Devision) "promising". The judge was Tibor Kis from Hungary.


We took part in the CACIB in Debrecen on April 23-24th, 2016. In the Junior category our dog Becsali-Beszélgetős Tempó (Csini) was evaluated excellent II on both days, as well as Erdőgyöngye Vadász Cetli (Pajti) evaluated very good and excellent III. The judges were Lokodi Csaba Zsolt (RO) and Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL).


We took part in the CAC organized in the beautiful historical environment in Szerencs on April 3rd, 2016. Our first-time-to-present dogs: -Erdőgyöngye- Vadász Cetli (Junior): excellent 3 -Becsali- Beszélgetős Tempó (Junior): excellent 2 -Fenyőligeti Goldi (Baby): very promising. The judge was Sinisha Pavlovic (SRB).

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